About me

I grew up in the beautiful region Galicia (Spain), in a tiny village where there was not much to do. This seems to have marked me as an introvert with much love for any kind of arts and computers. When the time came to decide what my career would be, I was between studying Arts and Computer Engineering. And I think you know what my decission was.

After finishing the degree in Software Engineering in Santiago, I’ve started working in a small startup where I had the chance to try many technologies and work on small projects. My old love for arts pushed me towards mobile development. At that time I was amazed about how much potential our mobiles phones had. I wanted to learn more and learn from the best. But there was a problem, at that time there were not many jobs for mobile development in my area, and the projects were fairly small. For that reason I decided to move to the Netherlands and look for a new challenge.

And oh boy, what a ride! I haven’t only grown professionally but also personally to become who I am now.

I’ve learned about iOS, software architecture, quality, clean code. I’ve learned about making a good product and caring for delivering it. I’ve learned a lot from working with a big group of developers, from working with very different people, their strengths and flaws, and with it my own strengths and flaws.

And this, of course, is not over. I’m looking forward to see what is yet to learn.

In the meantime my hobbies grew to the point where I can’t handle them anymore, dungeons and dragons, 3D printing, painting minis, watercolor, pole sport, science fiction, comics, video games. And who knows what will come next… I can't wait!

Pop Art

It's not all about programming. On other occasions (when I have time) I leave the laptop far away. Without the intention of selling everything, I made this web for learning responsive design and showing any work performed up to this moment.

(not available anymore)


Urban art gallery made for the end-of-degree project. This project includes a web application made with Drupal and a mobile application ( Android) connected with a API REST. This work has been done with Zadia Software.

(not available anymore)